Transportation of Treated Posts

We offer transportation services to all parts of the country

Transportation of Treated Posts

Introduction to our treated fencing and utility posts transportation services

WoodChem Traders Limited stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency in delivering high-quality treated fencing and utility gum poles across Kenya. At the heart of our commitment lies the assurance of seamless transport services and strategically positioned outlet locations to cater to diverse client needs.

Our Transport Services

Our transport services are designed to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience. Customers have the opportunity to avail our transport services, contingent upon truck availability. We request our clients to fuel the truck and manage road charges, fostering a collaborative approach to fulfilling orders efficiently.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the regions where our outlets are situated. We take immense pride in our ability to deliver to towns far beyond our presence. In fact, we’ve been consistently supplying to the furthest parts of the country, ensuring that our quality poles reach clients wherever they are situated.

WoodChem takes pride in its prompt order processing, with most orders taking an average of two days. This efficiency is owed to our substantial inventory of poles stored in seasoning racks. Consequently, upon placing an order, treatment is promptly booked the following day and completed without delay.

Our Strategic Outlet Locations

Strategic placement is key, and WoodChem Traders Limited boasts seven strategically positioned outlets across Kenya. Our outlets are conveniently located in various regions, including Nanyuki Town, Isiolo Town, Kiawara Shopping Centre, Maili nne Shopping Centre, Miamoja, Timau Yard, and our Nairobi Yard. These locations are carefully selected to ensure widespread coverage and easy accessibility for our esteemed clientele.

Relationship between Transport Services and Outlet Locations

The seamless synergy between our transport services and outlet locations plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient deliveries. Our strategically placed outlets facilitate quick access to our premium poles. This synergy empowers us to swiftly fulfill orders and serve diverse regions with unparalleled efficiency.

Our Countrywide Deliveries and Arrangements

For clients seeking deliveries countrywide, WoodChem remains committed to accommodating their needs. We arrange deliveries based on specific agreements, where clients cover expenses such as fuel and road charges. This commitment underscores our dedication to serving our customers nationwide.


WoodChem Traders Limited stands firm in its commitment to providing exceptional transport services and ensuring the efficiency of our strategic outlet locations. The seamless integration of transport services and outlet placements allows us to deliver on our promise of prompt service and timely deliveries across Kenya. For more information on our products or to place an order, we encourage engaging with us through our outlets or contacting us directly at +254 704 684 698..