Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered.

How many poles do you need to fence your land?

Which trees do you harvest for your products?

e predominantly harvest mature (7-10 years old) eucalyptus Grandis/Saligna, commonly known in Kenya as Eucalyptus Blue Gum trees. This wood exhibits the best characteristics for CCA treatment of fencing and utility poles.

Do you buy trees from farmers?

Yes, we actively support the local market by purchasing raw products from farmers. Our qualified wood analysts help us assess the maturity and quality before purchase. Additionally, we educate farmers interested in supplying to us about the basic and minimum requirements of our products.

Do you offer fencing services?

Yes, we provide fencing services through our affiliated company, Cute Fencing Ltd, based in Nairobi. You can reach them at +254726504337.

Do you offer transport?

Yes, we offer transport services subject to the availability of trucks. Clients are expected to fuel the truck and cover road charges such as council fees.

Do you deliver to other towns besides the ones you have a presence in?

Yes, upon purchase, we deliver to various towns across the country. In fact, we supply to even the farthest parts of Kenya.

How long do orders take to process?

Typically, most orders are processed within an average of two days. We maintain a significant volume of poles in our seasoning racks, awaiting orders. This means that upon order placement, treatment is booked for the next day and completed promptly.

Can I have my poles drilled?

Certainly, we provide pole drilling services tailored to clients’ specifications. However, please note that this service incurs an additional charge, which depends on the pole’s width.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts based on specific details and the volume of poles ordered.

Do I get a warranty after purchase?

Yes, our products come with an average warranty of 10 years +/-, subject to exposed conditions. Our treated posts are quality-guaranteed by relevant government bodies like KEBS.

Do you sell other related products?

Absolutely, we sell affordable firewood, which is a by-product of our raw material before treatment.