About Us

We supply treated fencing and utility posts.

About Us

WoodChem Traders Limited Specializes in the harvesting, treating and supplying of fencing and utility gum poles (posts) throughout the country. With our seven outlets strategically positioned on major highways across the country, we are able to serve the Kenyan market with comparative ease. We are heavily stocked with Treated and untreated poles, giving us the ability to always treat fully seasoned poles while meeting our orders at short durations. Our Poles are pressure treated with Copper Chrome Arsenic {CCA} to meet Kenya Bureau of Standards and any other recognized national/international specification. We predominantly harvest eucalyptus Grandis/Saligna, commonly known as blue gum trees in Kenya.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the market leader in the poles industry, renowned for unmatched quality and rapid order fulfilment while expanding our footprint both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

To offer clients an unparalleled purchasing experience by delivering the best quality, durable poles, ensuring enduring projects, providing market opportunities for commercial gum tree growers, and transforming communities by creating employment opportunities.

Our Core Values

At WoodChem Traders Limited, our values are deeply ingrained in our culture, they are:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Goal-Oriented Focus
  • Reliability and Dependability
  • Efficiency and Excellence
  • Embracing Christian Values

Treatment Process

Woodchem poles are treated using CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate)

  • Copper and Arsenic– to protect against fungal decay and wood-boring insects.
  • Chromium—it acts as a lock..to fix the preservative to the cell structure in the wood. It locks the copper & arsenic into the wood.

The CCA is impregnated into the Poles using a vacuum & pressure cycle. This involves a pressure cylinder.

Where to Find Us

WoodChem Traders Limited operates through seven strategically placed sales outlets across the country, facilitating deliveries nationwide upon arrangement. Below are our locations:

  • Nanyuki Town (opposite Kirimara Springs Hotel)
  • Nanyuki-Meru Highway (4km from Nanyuki Police Station towards Meru)
  • Isiolo Town (next to Northern Galaxy Hotel)
  • Kiawara Shopping Centre on Nyeri-Nyahururu Highway
  • Maili Nne Shopping Centre, Nyahururu (1 km to Thomson Falls)
  • Timau, next to Jikaze Godowns on the Nanyuki -Timau Highway
  • Nairobi Yard (Wangige-Kikuyu Road, opposite Kanyariri Primary School) – Agent
  • Rumuruti Yard – Rumuruti Town

Invest In Our Forests

Trees are our past, present, and future. In Fact, timber transmits, supports & protects us every day. It’s part of our everyday lives.

The chairs, beds, houses, power transmissions, none would be possible without harvesting and processing of trees. Timber has built nations, and fed & educated people for centuries.

Prolonging the life of this versatile yet very essential commodity is such a noble cause.



Fencing & Utility Poles Insights

Fencing poles, generally 7ft to 10ft in length with diameters ranging from 3-4 to 6-7 inches, serve various purposes including agricultural, residential, and commercial applications. Utility poles vary in length from 2ft to 40ft with diameters from 2-3 to 10-12 inches, catering to construction needs like power lines, bridges, and log cabins.

Fencing Cost Tips

Our tentative fencing costs per meter for various fences are as follows:

  • Solar powered/electric: 800/-
  • 5ft chain link fence: 900/-
  • Barbed wire fence: 700/-

Actual costs are determined by factors such as material choice, pole length and diameter, spacing, wire quality, topography, soil type, and location. For precise quotations, engage us for a site visit.

Cute Fencing is our esteemed fencing partner, ensuring a large stock of poles to meet clients’ demands promptly.

Our Contacts

For inquiries and orders, reach us at +254 704 684 698

WoodChem Traders Limited’s commitment lies in delivering top-quality poles and fostering community development through sustainable practices.